Seasons Change – New Releases


Dear Friends, Family, Fellow Distillers, and Spirit Lovers,

It’s been a wonderful summer and we’ve been busy. Thank you for all your support. With a change of season come several new releases that we are excited about.

Odd Society Barrel Aged Vermouth
Wins Double Gold, Best Vermouth at the 2016 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition

This is an amazing story of accidental experimentation. About a year ago, we had just finished a bottling run. It turned out we had a small amount vermouth left at the bottom of the fermenter. It was cloudy with yeast and botanicals but we didn’t want to dump it so decided to filter it into a barrel to see what happens. A year passed and one day we said, hey, there’s that barrel, we should try it. We were blown away at the change. We liked it enough to send it to New York and recently received word on the award.

Odd Society is very pleased to announce the release of our first barrel aged vermouth next Friday, October 21 at the distillery. Sadly, we have just over a hundred bottles for sale. (BA Vermouth, 375 ml, $28 per bottle, limit 1 bottle per person, at the distillery only)

Salal Gin – Available Thursday, November 10

2016 was an amazing year for Salal berries. They were big and beautiful, almost like small grapes. We were able to source much larger amounts from Tofino, and for the first time we received a shipment of berries from Haida Gwaii, which were particularly delicious. So after almost two months of maceration, we are pleased to announce the release of our Salal Gin on Thursday, November 10. The gin will be available at the distillery and some select liquor stores as well as some bars and restaurants while supplies last. (Salal Gin, 375 ml, $30 per bottle).

Odd Society bids a Very Sad, Fond Farewell to Kylie Bartlett!

Kylie Bartlett has been an amazing addition to the Odd Society team. She was both our bar manager and our local sales rep. If you’ve been to the distillery you will have seen Kylie shaking away behind the bar. Kylie and her partner Arthur Wynne, have been away from Australia for almost 15 years, living and working in Ireland and England, before spending almost 10 years in Vancouver. After all these years, they are returning home with plans to set up their own cocktail business. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Kylie for all her contributions and wish her well.

This also means that Odd Society is looking for a new bar manager. If you are interested and have solid bartending experience, please contact

Single Malt Whisky Release, Peated Whisky, and more

Our first single malt whisky will be released before Christmas. We will announce the date soon. Thank you for being so patient.

The experimentation continues as we now set our sights on peated and smoked whiskies. The problem is that there are no smoked or peated B.C-grown malts commercially available. Our answer has been to build our own smoker. We soak regular BC pale malt and then resmoke it. We have also been experimenting with other ideas to introduce peaty/smoky flavors. Our first peated whisky will be barreled this week. The new make spirit is delicious. But how much of that initial peatiness will survive time in a barrel? Stay tuned (at least three years). We plan to offer a choice of peated whisky in our upcoming January cask sale.

Bottle Shop and Cocktail Lounge Hours

Thursday 1:00 – 10:00 PM
Friday 1:00 – 11:00 PM
Saturday 1:00 – 11:00 PM
Sunday 1:00 – 6:00 PM
Mon. to Wed. Closed

That’s it! See you soon!

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